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Write an Executive Summary. Your task is to participate in lessons within the MLC, complete your required readings, and then analyze a required case study with a directed focus using one component of the NCO C3. You will then summarize the case study. Your EXSUM will focus on the historical case study but will be supported by other research you conduct to support your findings. Cite at least one reference. The goal of the EXSUM is to give you a tool to use throughout your career when summarizing events. The case studies will allow you to see how the actors represented or embodied these current competencies. Late submission subtracts 10 points per day. Refer to the NCO C3 definitions in TC 7-22.7 (pp. 2-2 and 2-3), EXSUM Example/Explained – Operation Anaconda documents, M423 Advance Sheet (for the lesson to NCO C3 linkage), and use the EXSUM_Template.docx as your template. The exsum has to talk about these two topics from the case study Readiness and Program Management. One of the references has to be the case study I provided and ensure you cite the case study in the exsum. NO passive voice in the exsum!!



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