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Assessment Directions

Your internship with Southwest Airlines is turning into a great hands-on learning opportunity for you. Your manager has now tasked you with proposing a talent management plan for pilots at Southwest Airlines. Your proposal will be considered by the Director of HR to make a formal plan.

Develop a 5- to 6-page proposal that includes the following:

A recommendation of 3 recruitment sources that are best suited to recruit pilots. Consider the quantity of resumes generated, the percentage of resumes likely to result in accepted offers, the time to fill a position and the cost to fill a position.An evaluation of common methods used to select a candidateRecommend 3 methods for selecting new pilots. In your evaluation, consider reliability, validity, utility, and legality.An evaluation of common methods used to train and develop employeesRecommend 3 methods for training pilots at Southwest Airlines. Consider learning and development outcomes, cost of training and development, the effectiveness of training and development, and risks.An evaluation of common performance management systemsRecommend 1 method for performance management of pilots at Southwest Airlines. Consider strategic congruence, validity, reliability, acceptability, and specificity.An evaluation of common methods to minimize voluntary turnoverRecommend 1 approach to retain pilots at Southwest Airlines. Consider methods for retaining employees, meeting pilot needs, and costs.

Please use the below Rubric as a guide when completing the assessment.



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