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PROJECT ONE- Please read carefully.
Your CEO has requested that you develop a memo that outlines the strategic KPIs for TBL in sales and marketing. She has asked that each of the following tasks be clearly communicated in the memo, and that they be addressed in the order given.
Develop one strategic question for each element of TBL: people, planet, and profit. These questions should give insights on how to measure the sales and marketing departments’ success in achieving the company’s goals. As you develop your strategic questions, follow these guidelines:
Consider how each question relates to your interpretation of the provided SWOT analyses.
Consider how each question will help achieve the CSR goals outlined in the CEO’s letter.
For your strategic questions, identify key performance indicators (KPIs) of successful strategy development and implementation.
Identify at least one KPI for each strategic question you provided.
Explain how the KPIs will be measured.
How will your KPIs help the company achieve its goals?
Identify functional considerations related to TBL.
How does the interconnectedness of the sales and marketing departments impact the measurement of TBL?
This memo will be shared with your CEO and other stakeholders. So, please check the memo for spelling and grammar



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