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You are the emergency manager for your city or county (Atlanta, GA) (Fulton County). You are in the midst of long-term recovery from COVID-19 response that has lasted for over 2 years. The federal government has assisted your community with federal taxpayer resources under the Presidential Disaster Declaration from 2020.

In a fictional event in the future, you have a natural disaster that takes place in your city or county (Atlanta, GA) (Fulton County). Unfortunately, state and federal resources are limited, and your requests for assistance to higher levels of government cannot be filled for at least 96 hours.

Review the local emergency operations plan to identify what plans, resources, or mutual aid agreements you have to respond to this disaster or recovery.

The assignment will be a four-page paper in APA format and writing style. In addition, your paper must have at least four images to document the resources you have in inventory to assist with this particular disaster. (Please make sure images are all the same sizes.) These images can also be EOP screenshots or key pages relevant to the response. Your response should answer the following questions.

Refer to the unit lesson for more details on each of these questions.

Describe a natural event for which your community has prepared. Use this event as your natural disaster.
What resources do you have to respond to the event locally?
Do you believe your community and government can adequately respond to this event? Explain your answer.
Do you have any mutual aid agreements with surrounding towns or counties? What is the difference between a mutual aid agreement and an Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC)?
Do you have plans or directives for handling multiple events without state or federal support?
What will be the difference between your usual steady state and the crisis state in regard to the disaster management for this disaster?
What is the value of the EMAC in the disaster?
How will the requirement of due care and sovereign immunity impact response plans for emergency response personnel in this event?

You must have at least three resources for this paper; two should be interviews with local officials. Be sure to also include an introduction and conclusion in your paper.



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