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We are moving along
nd are now in week three of the course.
been in your shoes. Having said that, lets dive into this writing assignment.
You are learning about CompStat in Chapter 5 which essentially aides your department in identifying high crime areas. If you are currently in Law Enforcement, you are very familiar with saturation patrol. If not, you will become familiar quickly because it means that a high or specific crime area has been identified which assists your agency with targeted prevention.
For this assignment, you need to analyze shifts in policing procedures before and after the events of 9/11 and the application of Compstat to improve law enforcement’s ability to fight crime. Have fun with this and think “outside the box”. Are you the Chief or Sheriff of a small jurisdiction that you need to show the community that you’re proactively working on problem areas or are you an Agency head of statewide or multi-jurisdictional department that is suffering from a drug problem? Your Choice!
APA format
500 word minimum
Cite source(s)



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