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Nursing ethics essays aim to assess students’ ability to think through complex moral dilemmas. A well-written conclusion demonstrates thoughtful analysis and ties the essay together effectively. This article provides tips and examples to guide nursing students in crafting impactful conclusions for their ethics essays.

Summarizing Key Components of the Essay

The first part of an ethics essay conclusion should concisely summarize the main components covered throughout the paper.

Restate the specific moral dilemma, conflict, or healthcare scenario that was analyzed.

Note the major ethical principles, values, and duties relevant to this issue.

Highlight the central stakeholder perspectives that were discussed.

Mention any ethical frameworks or decision models used to assess solutions.

Reference the recommended course of action without introducing new information.

This comprehensive recap helps crystallize the essay’s key ethical analysis for the reader.

Example summary:

This nursing ethics essay analyzed a dilemma involving truth-telling when a dying cancer patient asks the nurse if she is near death. Key principles included veracity, compassion, and respect for autonomy. The perspectives of the anxious family members, the physician who advised omission, and most centrally the patient herself were considered. Utilitarian and deontological frameworks were used to weigh the ethics of various responses. The recommended action was honest disclosure of the prognosis in a compassionate manner to uphold patient dignity and self-determination.

Thoughtfully Reflecting on Lessons Learned

The next section of the conclusion should provide thoughtful reflection on insights gained and lessons learned through grappling with this healthcare ethics scenario.

What new dimensions of the core ethical issue were revealed through analysis?

How did considering multiple perspectives expand your understanding?

What shifted in your moral reasoning process when evaluating potential responses?

How might you respond differently to a similar real-world situation in the future?

Reflection example:

Analyzing this case deepened my appreciation for truth-telling’s pivotal role in respecting patient autonomy and dignity. I previously over-weighted families’ wishes to protect patients from difficult news. However, I now recognize that being transparent is vital to patients making informed choices about their care priorities and remaining time. This essay sharpened my discernment skills for balancing ethical principles in difficult situations.

Discussing Broader Implications

Elaborate the conclusion by discussing broader implications of this ethics issue for nursing practice, protocols, and healthcare outcomes.

How could nurses apply insights from this dilemma more widely in their practice?

What lessons could influence nurse training, facility policies, or future research?

How might deepening ethical practice positively impact patients and the healthcare system?

Example broader implications:

Regularly analyzing ethics cases hones nurses’ skills for navigating values conflicts and championing patients’ best interests. Ethics should be embedded into nursing education, professional development, and institutional policies. For example, ethics perspectives could inform case reviews, competency assessments, and protocols around patient autonomy. This benefits patients and families by ensuring their voices are heard and their wishes guide care plans. Greater ethics integration ultimately creates a healthcare culture centered on compassion and dignity.

Final Thoughts on Nursing Ethics

Complete the essay with some impactful final thoughts on the value of ongoing ethical analysis for your nursing practice. You might reflect on:

Why developing ethical reasoning abilities is so critical for your nursing journey.

How lessons from cases like this will alter your future clinical decision-making.

What you most hope to embody as an ethical nursing professional.

Example final thoughts:

Challenging ethics essays push me to grow as a moral practitioner capable of courageous advocacy when facing dilemmas. The empathy, insight, and principles reflected in this paper will guide me in treating all patients with the dignity and respect they deserve. Though analyzing ethics cases can feel difficult in the moment, committing to this process shapes nurses who bring both skill and wisdom to their healing craft.

Final Thoughts on Ethics Nursing Essays Conclusion

In-depth, reflective conclusions enhance nursing ethics essays by articulating the student’s key insights, takeaways, and motivations after analyzing a moral dilemma. Well-constructed conclusions express how seriously students take their ethical development as compassionate, principled nursing professionals.

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