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Taherifard, M., Abolghasemi, A., & Hajloo, N. (2015). Positive and negative urgency and sleep quality among patients with borderline and antisocial personality disorder. Archives of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, 17(4), 105–112.

In 6 pages, write an evaluation in which you complete the following:

Begin your paper with an introduction that explains the purpose of the paper and its contents.
Provide an overview of quantitative methodology, including its philosophical perspectives, goals, and purpose.

Identify which quantitative approach the researchers used and what characteristics of the research demonstrate this approach.
Evaluate the overall strengths and limitations of quantitative research.

Describe and evaluate the sampling procedure, including both strengths and limitations, as well as what ethical considerations were included.

Discuss what you might have done differently in sampling participants for this study, and provide a rationale.

Describe and evaluate the data collection, including both strengths and limitations, as well as what ethical considerations were included.

Discuss what you might have done differently in the data collection, and provide a rationale.

Describe what is meant by internal validity and external validity in quantitative research, and analyze the internal and external validity of this research study.
Evaluate how well the researchers designed this study so that it answered the research question or questions.
End your paper with a summary and conclusion.

Additional Requirements

As much as possible, the assessment should be written in your own words; it may include paraphrased information that is properly cited in the current APA style.

If you need to quote, do so sparingly, and make sure you have cited quoted material according to thecurrent APA style.
Your assessment needs to demonstrate your understanding of the material, not how well you can quote someone else’s work.

Write in a professional tone, without writing errors.
Include a title page and references page, using the current APA style and format.
Write 7–9 pages with 1-inch margins, plus a title page and references page. An abstract is not required.
Include at least 5 current scholarly or professional resources.
Use APA-style headings to organize your paper.
Use Times New Roman font, 12 point.
Double space.

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