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What Skills are Beneficial to Study Law? Assignment Help AUS


Assignment Detail:-

Number of Words: 600


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Identify the core requirements and capacities relevant to the study of law
Reflect on the professional skills required of lawyers
Identify and begin to apply required writing skills in law



The unit provides core skills and capacities to function as a law student and budding lawyer. The first assessment is an opportunity to reflect on what it means to be a ‘good lawyer’ and to engage with relevant research. Students are to address the following question:


A mind-map that details the elements of what makes for a good lawyer and how these are linked


An annotated bibliography of research articles or reports which supports the information in the mind-map.


An annotated bibliography is a list of research sources (think: book chapters, journal articles, research reports), with each source accompanied by a short commentary (ca. three sentences) as to its relevance (in this case to the content of your mind-map).


Some other universities have great resources that can give you a visual and some good explanation about what an Annotated Bibligraphy could look like. For example:…/annotated-bibliographyLinks to an external site.


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