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Which results from an increase in the greenhouse effect?


Continental shifts
Volcanic eruptions
Global warming


Answer:- 4. Global warming

Global warming consequences from an increase in greenhouse effect. The truthful option among all the options that are specified in the question is the last option. The increase in usual temperature of our earth is due to global warming and this has been the bone of debate between the environmentalists and the entrepreneurs for a long time. The process by which gases in Earth’s atmosphere capture the Sun’s heat is known as the greenhouse effect. This procedure makes Earth much warmer than it would be without an atmosphere. The greenhouse effect is of the things that makes Earth a contented place to live.

The procedure is termed the greenhouse effect since the exchange of incoming and outgoing radioactivity that warms the planet works in a comparable way to a greenhouse. Picture this: a greenhouse is so fruitful at growing plants year-round, even when this is too cold outside for some plants to typically thrive.

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