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Which of the following is NOT a way to develop resilience?


A. Rejecting change and keep to yourself

B. Maintaining a positive view of yourself

C. Maintaining connections with family and friends

D. Viewing problems as solvable

Answer:- A. rejecting change and keep to yourself

Keeping and upholding a confident view of oneself, consolidation of connections in the family and circle of networks, and being strongminded and hopeful by looking at problems as soluble are just some of the ways to develop resilience. Rejecting change is not one of them.  Resilience refers to the procedure and consequence of positively adapting to tough or stimulating life experiences, particularly through mental, demonstrative, and interactive flexibility and modification to external and internal demands.

Resilience can assistance defend the person from numerous mental health conditions, such as unhappiness and anxiety. Resilience can likewise aid offset factors that surge the danger of mental health conditions, such as being intimidated or previous trauma.



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