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Pascal the Great refers to the leader of the Mayan Development throughout 600 AD. His leadership became well-known since of his importance on public works. Some of the public works he finished were widespread building projects, text and images on spiritual traditions, and other undertakings for the help of lower-class people.

Mayan territory was the most secretive and forward-thinking empires in the ancient times. K’inich Janaab Pacal or the Pacal the great was one of the extreme rulers of the ancient Mayan empire.

Pacal the great was well-known for his public works and duties as a king throughout his empire.

1)He recognized numerous construction plans in the ancient Mayan empire which improved the daily routine of the Mayan people.

2)He ruled the Mayan empire for nearly 68 years throughout this long period he brought a revolution in the governing structure of the Mayan empire.



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