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Wealth Management and Investment Products

Choose a publicly traded company on a mainstream exchange with international or regional influence (e.g. SGX, NYSE, NASDAQ, HKEX, etc.) and write a research report with a buy, sell, or hold recommendation.

The recommendation (buy, sell, hold, overweight, underweight, etc.) is usually highlighted at the beginning of the report. It might help to clearly state the current price being traded in the market, your target price, as well as the key factors driving your target price.
A precise yet succinct definition of the company will be helpful. A detailed description is expected to follow, especially for the company’s major businesses (in terms of asset utilization and revenue generation) and nascent businesses that might bring significant cashflows in the future.
A SWOT analysis is not a must-have. Focus on the key revenue drivers of the specific industry and sector that your company is in. Factor in the trends and changes taking place in the industry.
At least two (2) pricing methods should be carried out and explained in detail. Use charts, graphs, or screenshots of your financial statement analysis in Excel or other software to elaborate your pricing.
Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each pricing method and compare the target prices arrived at. Explain in detail if a non-conventional pricing method is involved. State clearly which method you chose to decide your target price and explain the reasons.
Risks and governance.
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