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Video Presentation

Video Presentation

As a reflection of the topics covered during the first five weeks, each student will create an informational video or PowerPoint presentation. The presentation must be created as a Senior Executive Level type of presentation. Please research if you are unfamiliar with this style of presentation (there are several examples online).

Using a real-world example/company/organization, create an informational YouTube video or a PowerPoint voice over briefing, which synthesizes what you have learned over the past five weeks. Topics to be covered are as follows:

IT Project Management

Project Management Skills & Leadership

Project Integration Management

Project Selection, Initiation, and Requirement

Project Scheduling

This is an individual assignment. points will be deducted for exceeding time requirement and not following specific instructions as outlined. Requirements are as follows:

Video/Presentation must be no longer than 10 minutes in length.

Introduce yourself and give the date presenting.

Be creative and professional (senior executive level format is required)

Graphics, animations, statistics, examples etc are encouraged to support the topics.

Make sure the font size is appropriate to read and the vocals are clear, concise, and audible.

Appropriate attire is required if you are appearing in the video (business, business casual).

To submit the video: You may either upload the video to OneDrive using your UMGC account or upload it to a video-sharing service…. e.g. YouTube. Once you have uploaded the video, include the link in a single page document and submit the document in the assignment Folder labeled Mid presentation


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