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Using Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Access, develop a basic WinForm appl

Using Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Access, develop a basic WinForm application:
COMPOLICE ST is your personal mobile app community policing app that is intended to aid police services in the region in gathering data about various hot spots within each territory.
The app should have the ability to move from country to country. Once you are in that country, any data that should be uploaded is uploaded to that country’s database.
The app should be able to support picture/video upload; for each upload, there should be appropriate data and metadata.
The app should allow the user to report a community disturbance.
The app should be able to list each police station in the country you are in.
The app should provide at least four (4) information pages, such as a page containing a list of emergency numbers etc.
You must determine the data that is to be collected. This is a simple application to generate data to provide data to the police. The concept can be viewed as giving the local community police ‘eyes on the ground’.
A compiled C# desktop application showcasing all areas previously covered. Your project is intended to draw on the previous assignments.
You are to provide:
A folder named DEVELOPMENT with all your development resources. This must include all development assets.
A folder named DEPLOY with all relevant files compiled to run your application, such as existing *.dll files, *.bat files, *.ocx files or other file types.


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