“Using AI to Gain Competitive Advantage: A Strategy for Business Success”

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools such as ChatGBT, Google Bard, and others are gaining mainstream popularity. AI includes technologies that have the potential to revolutionize many business processes and many organizations are already integrating AI technology into their business strategies. The purpose of this assignment is to analyze and/or interpret a technological innovation (AI) through the lens of relevant course content (business-IT strategy).  To learn more and to prepare for the assignment, please review the following materials:
McKeen & Smith, Chapter 2 – Developing IT Strategy for Business Value: McKeen Smith Chapter 2 Developing IT Strategy.pdf 
Loof for articles or YouTube videos from reputable sources about how companies are uising AI, e.g.,The Rise of AI: How Businesses are Harnessing Artificial Intelligence to Drive Competitive Advantage. Be sure to cite sources in proper APA format.
Think of a business, preferably one you are familiar with, and create a strategy for how it might use AI to gain to gain competitive advantage.
Give a brief description of the organization’s current business model if it is not a well-known organization.
Describe your strategy in terms of one of the 5 types of initiatives from pp. 7-8 in the McKeen & Smith chapter provided.
Explain exactly what competitive advantage is expected.
Discuss what types of success measures the organization should use to evaluate the strategy.
2 pages maximum
Single spaced
Margins – 1 inch
Font – no larger than 12 pt
References (if used) – APA style
Organization Background (current business model)
Proposed Strategy
Expected Competitive Advantage
Success Measures
Evaluation Criteria:
Strategy described in appropriate terms (5 types of initiatives) 30%
Expected competitive advantage is appropriately and clearly explained 30%
Success measures are appropriate and clearly explained 25%
Well written and organized; follows assignment guidelines 15%

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