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Urban Resilience and Security

You are on the urban planning committee. The chair of the committee reports to Director Ridwan, head of the urban resilience planning department. The chair has been asked to present training to the team and she has assigned you one of the presentations. You need to cover the elements below. She also recognizes that some of the questions she has asked may overlap so she would like you to provide unique responses with examples and avoid repetition.

The Safe Cities Index 2021 (SCI2021) outlines infrastructure security inputs and outputs in its list of pillars and indicators. It provides valuable information that can be used for the preparation of some elements of your presentation.

Describe critical infrastructure. Include linkages of infrastructure security to the other SCI 2021 pillars.
Examine ISO 37120, focusing on infrastructure security. Provide an introduction to ISO 37120, highlight why metrics are important, and discuss the benefits of standardized indicators. Include in your presentation at least five valid examples.
Formulate a plan to address at least five issues specific to your location that can help the city work towards improving ISO 37120 standings.
Appraise the challenges in addressing urban resilience and security. In your discussion include at least five global security concerns and how they transcend boundaries.


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