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(LO 7) Unit 1 Map Analysis Presentation – Due 11:59 PM Background: With the concept of “Manifest Destiny,” Americans were interested in expanding westward to the Pacific Ocean. Traveling to the West was a long and arduous experience that railroads could shorten and simplify. Railroad construction in the American West by necessity infringed on Native American territory and created unrest and uneasy relations between the Native American peoples and the railroad builders. H Manifest Destiny x + ✰ Purpose: In this assignment, you will explore and explain the argument either for OR against this expansion/infringement by using both the information from Chapter 17 and your analysis of the maps listed below. You’ll present your argument via a slide presentation format such as Google slides or Powerpoint (but make sure to save and submit as a PDF). This assignment will build your research, analytical, and both visual presentation skills. Be sure to read the Working with Maps page as well as the Sample Analysis Using Maps for a guide on how to analyze the maps. • Railroads, 1870 • Western Railroads, 1880 • Western Railroads, 1930 • Indian Cessions, 1750-1890 . Indian Battles, 1846-1890 • Indian Reservations, 1875 For this assignment you will need to read Chapter 17 in the Open Stax text and study the following maps



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