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To study the link between physical activity and obesity, you and your research team identify two samples of people: those who are obese and those who are of a healthy weight. You then asses

To prepare:
Consider that you work in the health care marketing department of a major health care organization. The chief marketing officer of the organization has asked you to conduct market research on patient service satisfaction. You have been instructed to create and administer a patient satisfaction survey. With this in mind, consider types of questions you might ask patients, how you might administer the survey, and challenges that may occur during data collection.
The Assignment
Using best practices of survey design, create a 15-question patient satisfaction survey.
Then, write 1-2 pages that address the following:
Why did you write the particular questions that you wrote?
How do you plan to administer the survey?
What challenges do you anticipate during data collection and reporting?


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