Title: The Importance of Nursing Leadership and the Essence of Nursing for New Nursing Students

Your unit/department has been asked to prepare a brief presentation for a group of new nursing students. In your presentation, you should discuss some of the key issues facing the nursing profession as well as “the essence of nursing” and a return to those ideals. Your presentation should be in the form of a 2- to 3-minute video recording. In your presentation, address the following:
Explain the critical importance of nursing leadership.
Consider the issues of staffing, nursing shortages, and the aging population. Choose one, describe the issue, and explain the factors that contribute to it.
Describe what is meant by “the essence of nursing” and how it aligns to nursing leadership and empowerment.
Describe how new nursing students can make an impact in the profession of nursing in various ways.
Nursing shortage
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Nursing staffing
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Lessons in Leadership
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Note: This article is seminal to the field.
The Essence of Nursing
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