Title: “Selecting the Best Hosting Company for ABC Incorporated’s New Website”

ABC Incorporated is a small start-up company. The company decided to dedicate a small portion of its marketing budget and a small team of employees to build a presence on the Internet. The purpose of the website will be to offer customers information about the company and to reach new customers through advertisement. The company will consider expanding and offering online purchases at a later time.
The team at ABC Incorporated has completed the new website for the company. ABC Incorporated has never had a website before and the team must now decide the best option for publishing the website to the Web. The team calls you for a consultation. You have been asked to work with the development team at ABC Incorporated to address the following:
Since ABC Incorporated is new to the Web, the team needs help finding a hosting company that best meets the company’s needs. Identify a website hosting company and present the hosting company to ABC Incorporated. Write your recommendation to ABC Inc. and discuss why you think this particular hosting company is the best choice for ABC Incorporated.
Examine a hosting company recommended by one of your classmates. Review the hosting company and discuss why the hosting company should or should not be selected. Include your recommended hosting company in your reply for your classmate to consider.
Your classmate will consider your input and decide to either recommend the hosting company originally discussed or change the recommendation to the hosting company you suggested. Explain the reason(s) for the decision.

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