Title: Reflections on “be/trouble” Poems

Below is a list of poems from be/trouble. a saturday night
an exasperated black woman said fuck it i’ll do it
i’m trying to remember when i started apologizing for my body
and who will be next
the talk
now i play black mama crying over dead son
i want the world to see
for the nice white ladies on parade
i call you sis because you my sista
some heroes wear their durags with the capes flapping
Read at least 5 from the list. For each poem you’ve chosen, write just two lines of your own poetry that best captures your reaction to the bianca poem (so, you’ll have 10 lines of poetry once you’re done with this part of the midterm). In your submission, please identify the bianca poems you’ve chosen. AND
Of the 5 poems you’ve read, which one really stands out to you? Please share your understanding of the poem and what you feel it wants to communicate. Do you think it is effective? Why or why not?
This should all be 550 words minimum

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