Title: Letting Go of Excuses: A Journey to Productivity

Journal prompts provide an opportunity for self-discovery and critical analysis of your own habits and ways to enhance them. For each Journal entry, delve deeper into your thoughts to create a meaningful and reflective response.
Prompt: Notice your excuses and let them go. Make a timed, four-minute brainstorm of all the reasons, rationalizations, justifications, and excuses you have used to avoid studying.
Be creative. Write down your entire list of excuses.
Now, review your list. At the end of your list of excuses, write a Discovery Statement about patterns you see in your excuses.
I discovered that I . . .
Next, review your list, pick the excuse you use the most, and circle it. Write an Intention Statement about what you will do to begin eliminating your favorite excuse. Make this Intention Statement one that you can keep, with a timeline and a reward.
I intend to . . .
Requirements: Upload your list of excuses with your discovery statement, your most-used excuse circled or highlighted, and your intention statement for this identified excuse. Start each statement with the provided sentence starter. 50 words minimum
unit 5 in syllabus

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