Title: Investigating the Effects of Social Media Usage on Academic Performance in High School Students

Throughout this Term, you all have worked to create a research paper based on a selected topic of your choice. Below, have been the Parts completed in class that will all be combined and re-written to construct your FINAL paper. Make sure to ensure your paper is in 3rd person as much as possible. 
Expectations for the assignment:
Your paper should be between 4-6 pages when combined. 
Please carefully review and correct any spelling and grammar issues.
Avoid using any AI program to fully write your paper. This will be checked after your submission. Any percentages about 40% AI content will receive a grade no higher than 75%, and/or at risk of a resubmission.
Read and reread the attached rubric for additional support.
Learning Objectives
By completing this assignment, you will be able to:
Choose a research topic and develop a research proposal
Conduct a literature review and summarize findings from peer-reviewed journal articles
Design a research method including participant selection, sampling process, bias control, and data collection
Analyze and interpret research results to draw conclusions and discuss potential implications
PART1: Choose a topic that you would like to study within the school or outside environment.
PART 2: Introduction/Abstract. Write a paragraph or two inside your notebook as an overview about your research proposal. Include the theory you are testing as well as your hypothesis. 
PART 3: Literature Review/Background. Provide context for why you chose this topic and how your study will build off of other research. Find an academic study that has already been done related to your topic. Write a summary of what you learned from the article. You need to do this with at least TWO peer-reviewed journal articles. Peer-reviewed articles come from journals like those at the APA website, and not from simple Google searches or news websites. Proper APA citations should be included. This should be roughly 1-2 pages in length. 
PART 4: Method. Consider all of the questions below as you write out this main section of your research proposal. This should be roughly 1-2 pages in length. 
Who will participate in your study? 
What will your sampling process be? 
How will you control against bias? 
If an experiment, what are the independent and dependent variables? 
What will a participant in the study do? 
How will you collect the data? 
PART 5: Results/Conclusion/Discussion. Write a summary paragraph about how you could and would utilize the results of your experiment. 
How will you analyze your results (How do you know it worked or accomplished your vision)? 
What kind of statistical analysis will you need to do (This is the data that will show the results)? 
What results would either confirm or disprove your hypothesis (Was your question answered?)? 
In what way will the results of this study be beneficial (Think of the impact to YAA or the world)?
i have written all the parts but they need to be all re written and put together as well as i need 2-3 sources from scholarly google 
i will put each part

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