Title: Exploring Features and Techniques in Microsoft Word

In your original post, answer the following:
What are some features of Word that you find difficult to use, hard to locate, etc.?
Is there a feature that you think should be placed in another location to make it easier for a user to find? For example, languages, hidden characters, headers, tabs, margins, etc.
Have you learned about a new feature in Word from this class that you did not know about or that you thought was too difficult (use or locate, etc.)? If so, explain your answer. If you have not learned anything new thus far, tell your peers about a feature that you find particularly helpful-maybe even a feature that not many people know about.
In your responses to your classmates, address the following:
Review your classmate’s response.
What was the first thing that came to mind when you reviewed the classmate’s response? 
How will learning the new techniques make life easier on the job and personally? 
Compare previous ways of completing tasks with new ways and ideas.
Highlight the points you feel are good, but ask questions to encourage conversation and challenge to think critically.
Discuss additional elements of Word that you feel could assist or be beneficial.
Share whether you will use any of the elements learned in the discussion.

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