Title: Communication Strategies for a High-Stakes Project Proposal

Imagine you are the project manager for a large product development team, tasked with creating a new design for an airplane wing that uses non-traditional materials. Your company is bidding on a potentially very large, 20-year contract with the Boeing Company, and stakes are high. You are on a very tight schedule, and your executive team has let you know that your career options hinge on winning this contract. You are ten days from the deadline and have just finished the first complete draft of your proposal, including a detailed budget, when your lead engineer informs you that, regrettably, the current wing design was based on a previously unknown calculation error, which invalidates the very foundation of your proposal. The engineer also informs you that a new wing design will have to include several new third-party components than the team previously thought necessary. You trust the engineer’s technical assessment.
With only a few days left before you have to produce a winning proposal, you must act quickly and decide immediately to: redo the design and order a mandatory 100% overtime for the next 10 days for everyone on your team. You know you must communicate the problem and your decision to the executive team, as well as informing your engineers and other project members with the goal of getting buy-in for your plan from both groups. Before you can respond to these issues, you must first determine the communication standards for the team. What are the recommended communication tools that you would suggest for the team? These tools can include standard communication tools, software tools, and formal procedures. Prepare a brief (two or three paragraphs) on your recommended communication tools and how these tools will be used to standardize communication among the teams. Based on the standards you have recommended, prepare emails to communicate the problem and decision.
For this assignment, you must write two separate emails, one to your project team and one to the executive committee, in which you:
Succinctly explain the problem.
Explain and justify your action plan, based on the best practices you have identified in the literature.
Discuss your confidence level in finishing the proposal to Boeing on time.
Answer the recipients’ respective, anticipated questions about the situation.
Include anything else you deem important for the intended audience.
Remember to follow “netiquette” rules for positive communications.
Combine your two emails into one Word document and make it clear which email is to the team versus the executive committee. You must also add a minimum of two external resources to support your emails.
Finally, you must create a personal Zoho (zoho.com) email account and email your paper to your instructor using your new Zoho mail account. For more information on Zoho email, please watch the Zoho video in this week’s resources.
Length: 2-3 pages (1-1½ pages per email), not including title and reference pages
The completed assignment should address all of the assignment requirements, exhibit evidence of concept knowledge, and demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the content presented in the course. The writing should integrate scholarly resources, reflect academic expectations and current APA standards (

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