This is a weekly writing part of the capstone project.  You will be writing abou

This is a weekly writing part of the capstone project. 
You will be writing about Module E. All the material will be provided in the module E file. For the reading, I’ve given you the title of the readings. It can be easily accessed publicly through google search. 
Please reading below for instruction. 
Assignment Learning Objectives:
By completing this weekly writing assignment, students will enhance their understanding of key economic concepts and theories.
They will develop the ability to critically analyze and articulate the significance of specific economic topics, demonstrating their ability to integrate academic research and theoretical knowledge into their writing. This assignment will also help students improve their research, writing, and critical thinking skills, providing a solid foundation for their capstone paper.
Assignment Steps
Your task is to take an idea (or multiple ideas) from the module E and write about its importance to economics, who developed this area or topic, why it is important to you and/or to society. You should target about 2-3 pages. Use any materials provided to you in the module, supplement your research from your past class, or do your own research. Make sure you cite your sources. 
Here are the points that would be helpful in writing. You do not need to hit all the points, but use these to help guide your thought process.
Importance to Economics:
1. Discuss how the chosen topic contributes to our understanding of economic principles, ideas, real world phenomena.
2. Explain its significance in economic theory, applications, or economic practice. 
3. Provide examples or empirical evidence to support your points. 
Development and Pioneers:
1. Provide background information on the development of the chosen topic. 
2. Describe the holes in economics at the time and why the topic or idea needed to be studied.
3. Identify key scholars, researchers, and nobel prize winners who have contributed to its development. 
Importance to Society:
1. Aside from just the study of economics, explain why the chosen topic is important to society at large. 
2. Discuss how it affects individuals, businesses, governments, and other stakeholders. 
3. Highlight any societal challenges or opportunities associated with the topic.
Personal Reflection:
1. Share your personal thoughts or experiences related to the chosen topic. It can be positive or negative. The goal is to reflect, not to agree with all economic ideas.
2. If you thought it was a great idea, discuss why it appealed to you.
3. If you thought it was a bad idea, discuss why you think it is problematic for you, economics as a discipline, or society.
4. Explain why it is important to you personally and how it has influenced your understanding of economics.
To submit your assignment, please follow these instructions:
Format Your Work: Word Document, APA style. (Abstract not needed)
Upload: Click on the “Submit Assignment” button at the top right corner. Choose your file and make sure it uploads successfully.
Confirm Submission: After uploading, please ensure that you can view your submission confirmation or receipt. If you encounter any issues, contact your instructor before the deadline.