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This assignment will assess: 1. How well you comprehend specific concepts covere

This assignment will assess: 1. How well you comprehend specific concepts covered in both chapters of this module; 2. How well you can connect related concepts across separate chapters; 3. How well you recognize these concepts in everyday life.

HELPFUL HINT: As you read this week’s chapters, be cognizant of any linkages between concepts in both chapters as this will definitely be helpful when completing your assignment.

This assignment should only be completed AFTER you have thoroughly read BOTH chapters in this Module.

As you develop your response, be sure to continually review the assignment grading rubric in the Getting Started section of Moodle to ensure that your response takes ALL the included criteria into consideration.

Be sure to also keep the rubric handy as you formulate and edit your assignment response.

For your assignment each week, you are first required to choose ONE main concept of interest from EACH of the chapters which you have read this week – one main concept from Chapter 11 and one main concept from Chapter 12.

You must then find an employment focused/work related news article from a reputable source within the last 4 years which bridges both of your chosen main concepts from each chapter and shows how each of the main concepts are interconnected with each other.

Using the news related article as your context, you must then critically analyze each of your related concepts as well as their inter-relatedness. Analysis involves examining concepts from multiple and varying perspectives to develop the fullest and most complete view of said concepts, and a full discussion of your analysis must also be included in your response.

All analytical discussion of concepts and their relatedness must be substantiated using evidence from your readings as well as from external sources. Unsubstantiated points in your assignment response are merely opinion and do not constitute evidence!

Lastly, to round off the analytical discussion in your assignment response, it is also important to discuss what you see as the potential implications and conclusions in the near future as well as long term for these concepts and their inter-connectedness as they relate to the workplace. Be sure to justify the reasoning behind your thought process regarding the implications and conclusions which you identify.

As you put together your written assignment IN PARAGRAPH FORMAT without the use of bullets, your response MUST:

clearly make the case for and specifically show how your chosen work related news article incorporates BOTH main concepts from each chapter.

clearly show how your article of choice bridges or demonstrates a connection/shows the relatedness of BOTH core concepts.

provide only a BRIEF summary of your work related news article to frame the more substantive areas of your response (In other words, your assignment response should not describe your work related news article in great detail but should be a small portion of your response to provide a workplace context for illuminating and clarifying the relationship between your chosen core concepts.)

meet ALL of the relevant criteria clearly outlined in the assignment rubric.

include a link to the full work related news article at the end of your response and reference all external sources used in APA format. The use of external sources serve as supporting evidence to substantiate your arguments so that they are not merely opinion. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR LIST OF REFERENCES SHOULD INCLUDE A HEADING TITLED REFERENCES TO AVOID YOUR REFERENCE LIST INADVERTENTLY INFLATING YOUR TURNITIN SCORE.

Please also keep the following in mind:

You must submit the full text of your assignment response in a single document – including in text citations, references and web link to your article.
Your submission will receive a Turnitin score once you submit your assignment (Turnitin is integrated within this submission portal)
Your Turnitin score must meet the required 15% threshold (score must be 14% or LESS)
Your Turnitin score may be generated immediately or may take minutes, several hours and possibly up to 24 hours depending on TurnItIn’s queue length – SO PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU COMPLETE YOUR SUBMISSION WITHIN ENOUGH TIME TO EDIT IT AND RECEIVE A REVISED SCORE BEFORE THE DUE DATE).
If your score is greater than the 15% threshold, please REVISE and RESUBMIT your response PRIOR TO THE DEADLINE.
You will be able to edit and resubmit your response as many times as necessary up until the deadline.
Submissions which exceed the 15% threshold after the deadline on Sunday night at 11.55pm CST WILL EARN ZERO POINTS.
If you opt to reference the course text, this does NOT count as an external reference but is a reference which is internal to the course.
Within this course, Wikipedia and other open source sites are NOT considered reputable sources.
Webster’s dictionary and other online dictionaries WILL NOT be counted as a valid external reference.

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