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THE THEORY is Competency Based Theory**

1. Research Competency based theory and fine 2 resources. ( in relation to infection control/ patient safety department).
Answer: Provide how this most often drives the group.

In this hypothetical scenario, your group is playing the role of a staffing and administrative agency that is being contracted by a hospital. Ideal Hospital and Health System (IHHS; fictitious name), is hiring a group of administrators to help staff their hospital and is looking to the incumbent group for leadership, strength, and determination. IHHS is a medium-sized hospital and a diversified healthcare organization with revenues last year of $165 million. IHHS is in a small metropolitan area and competes with several other larger hospital and health care organizations.

The search committee is bringing your group back for a second interview and they want your group to make a short PowerPoint presentation to the Board of Trustees. You are to address how this group will lead IHHS into the future. The committee is looking for your group to demonstrate several key qualities of good leaders. Working well in a group atmosphere is among their top priority, as this hospital has often been celebrated for its interdisciplinary approach to patient care. They are looking to your group to continue this trend and help lead the organization into the future.
For the purposes of this assignment, you should identify an area of the hospital your group will specialize in, and cater your presentation to this area:



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