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The target audience of the presentation is the Board of GasCo. The Board consists of the Chair, CEO and various voting and non-voting Directors. Most of the members are from a non-technical background, therefore you should maintain a balance between both the technical and non-technical aspects of your presentation
Introduce yourself, the client, the purpose of the presentation, and provide an outline of your presentation
Identify the most likely threats to which the organisation would be exposed.
How would you secure the organisation to ensure the identified threats are prevented/mitigated? Your answer should address the following:
a. What threat(s) is the security control preventing/mitigating?
b. Explain and justify each security control.
c. How would you monitor and ensure that the security control is working?
Rank every category of threat from highest to lowest risk and justify your ranking What policy changes or new policies should be in place? You do not need to show or narrate the full policy. You answer should only include the name of the policy, the
purpose, and any key considerations.
What budget is required to implement your proposed changes? What plans should be in place to migrate the organisation to your changed environment? You do not need to describe a complete implementation plan-an outline will suffice.
Slides and Referencing:
Create a PowerPoint presentation capturing the key points you are reporting. Do not fill
the slides with masses of text. You are encouraged to use graphics and tables in addition to text in your slides. Ensure everything on the slide is legible. The PowerPoint file is also
part of your submission.
2 Since the presentation has a fixed time limit, you may consider 6-10 slides as a general
guide (not mandatory).
Even though this is not a typical written report, your presentation should be supported by adequate research. Any information or ideas you have taken from other sources should be referenced as “in-text” in the relevant slide and a full reference should be provided as “end-text” on the last slide. A suggested approach is to use superscripts in your content slides and have a final slide with the full reference list. You do not have to present the references slide but it should be included in the PowerPoint file that you submit.
Suggested Approach:



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