The Power of Language: An Explication of Pablo Neruda’s The Word

Explicating a Poem
Write an Explication and Analysis of no less than 300 words of the poem The Word by Chilean author Pablo Neruda. Following this is how to write a poetry explication, and a paragraph sample written. “On Pablo Neruda’s The Word, the third stanza delves in the notions that words are pregnant with meaning, and the comparison suggests that words are personified, as though they were a woman with child. When integrating lines from the poem, be sure to enter a parenthetical citation with the number of the line (Line 3) (Neruda, Lines 3 and 7)”
1-Identify literary devices such as allusion, tone, metaphor, style, etc.
2-When you integrate actual verses or lines from the stanza, as to provide evidence to your interpretation, be sure to insert these lines into quotation marks.
3-Avoid writing Pablo’s poem entitled The Word is about… Instead, Neruda’s poem relies upon language , and the power of word as a means to convey notions of existence and the human need to communicate experience. Never call the author by their first name.
4- Always introduce the title of the work you are responding to, and the author’s full name. Subsequently, use only the author’s last name
the poem is attached below

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