“The Last Goodbye: A Lesson in Appreciating Friends” “Cherishing Friendship: A Lasting Lesson in Love and Gratitude”

You need to watch both of the Narrative example videos that I posted. FOR EACH video you need to write a two paragraph summary and critique.
1. Paragraph one: Summary of the story and their moral or lesson (about 5 sentences)- 4 points
2. Paragraph two: Critique of the student speaker. A couple strengths and a couple things you think the speaker could have done better to improve/enhance the story. BE SPECIFIC  (5 sentences). – 4 points 
3. I will grade on grammar and writing – 2 points 
this is the first vedio link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ub8I57ZfW9s)
this is the second vedio link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fG0xp0EnF1M)
Narrative Speech Outline
I. Introduction
a. Attention Getter: They say that “blood is thicker than water”, which implies
bonds we share with family are stronger than those we share with friends. But
let’s not forget, we can’t live without blood, but we’ll die without water.
b. Thesis: It’s important to show your gratitude and love to your friends, because it
might be your last chance.
i. Preview: Let me take you back, thousands of miles to the east of this
continent, 4 years ago, when I once took for granted all my closest friends’
presence, even though I knew it would be the last time I would see them.
Sometimes, the longer you’ve been friends with someone, the easier it is
to forget to appreciate them
II. Body
a. It was September 15, 2007, in Quezon City, Philippines.
i. I was at the young age of 17, born and raised in this city, the only life I
knew. I had a flight in five hours, but I had refused to pack up for my 16-
hour intercontinental flight until the night before.
ii. I had five best friends back then (I didn’t believe that you could only have
one), and we named our little group “Chrisannielle”, which is a
combination of all our names.
1. Chrisannielle came over to my house for a last home cooked feast
together. (mmm the smell of that delicious food, I still remember
iii. I didn’t want this day to be too dramatic, so I did my best to act as if it was
just an ordinary day. Like the good friends that they are, they helped me
finish the rest of my packing.
b. Our last ride together on the way to the airport was pleasant, but controlled.
i. For reasons I don’t fully understand, I made a decision to make sure that
this parting didn’t become a teary, “movie-worthy” goodbye.
ii. I didn’t tell them how much I would miss them, how much I cared, and
how much I wished so badly that I didn’t have to leave.
1. We hugged and kissed and said proper goodbyes, but for the most
part, I did my best to not make a big deal out of it.
iii. I promised to email, to write letters, to call regularly – I said these things
to justify not giving them a “movie-worthy” goodbye.
c. It was my first time riding on a plane by myself.
i. I looked inside my carry on just to see what was in there and found a
scrapbook that my sneaky best friends secretly stashed in there.
ii. It contained pictures of all of us, of all the years we’ve grown together and
the wonderful, irreplaceable times spent with each other.
iii. At that moment, the “fasten your seat belts” light turned on, and I felt a
deep sense of regret and sadness, because I didn’t tell them, didn’t express
how much they all meant to me.
III. Conclusion
a. Summary: To wrap it up, I knew that it was the last time I’ll be seeing my friends,
and yet I managed to still not tell them how much I loved all of them.
i. It might have been my pride or my preoccupation with the long journey
traveling alone or something else. I don’t know.
ii. And yes, one could argue that distance doesn’t matter, friends will be
friends no matter how long it’s been, and that there is technology to bring
us together.
iii. But there’s nothing quite like a real hug, and seeing a smile in person. No
amount of cute emojis in a text can substitute…
b. Close with impact: So it was September 15, 2010, in San Francisco, California, 16
hours after those last hugs, and I was alone. The moral to the story is to show
gratitude and love to your friends, because it might be your last chance.
Especially if it’s your last chance.

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