The Influence of Social Media Influencers on Youth Minds

As a human in the modern era one can be sure we’ve all seen a family that just allows their kids to just do whatever they want with their ipad or phone. Most of these families don’t even monitor the screens of these kids’ electronic devices or who is on those devices. They could be watching YouTube, Tik Tok, or Twitter where there are influencers taking over the pages. Seeing how most of these kids are stuck in their iPads or phones their minds are still somewhat fresh which allows them to be controlled by these influencers. A person called Andrew Tate or the “top G” on social media used to be a big name during 2021-2022 trying to convince little boys(8-12) that they are men. And parents barely paid any attention to this and just walked past like nothing was happening. This inturn made it so that these kids think that they are on top, that they are the best of all time. Which leads to them having fights with their parents about bedtimes, what and what they don’t eat, not wanting to go to school, and the list goes on.
There is a place that many come to have so of the most funny, serious, sad, anger inducing, random things one will ever see anywhere else. Guess what the best part of this place is, it is technically not a physical place. It is a digital place called the internet. A place that has no limit or age requirements and this could be a problem. This means that kids of all ages can just stumble upon the wrong website that is controlled by an influencer who wants to expose their opinion on younger audiences. According to Nihal Toros Ntapiapis (professor of Communication)she concluded “The distribution and access of information have become more comfortable with the development of the technological infrastructure, and people have connected them to research from more intensive or different perspectives according to their interests’ ‘ based on his research. An influencer would pull in these kids by using the interest of the kids to lure them to listen to their opinion whether it is right or wrong. Then by stating these opinions they can alter the mindset of these youth making them think like the influencer. Cecilie Schou who led a team on the article The Link Between Social Media and Narcissism in Young Adults “One of the emergent places for young people having a say, especially among peers, is the Internet, and in particular, social networking sites and youth oriented discussion forums”. This shows that the youth feel as if they deserve to have a say in what happens in the world.
Speaking of these influencers and them altering the kids of today minds to

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