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The history of mental health services

using what you’ve learned about the history of mental health services as well as assuming the role as a mental health administrator as a backdrop, evaluate and discuss the following topics in your paper: the fundamentals of mental illness and the delivery system characteristics needed to provide good care; the challenges and opportunities of providing quality, comprehensive mental health services to populations experiencing mental health conditions; the ethical challenges of services within a managed care environment; areas associated with mental health delivery of care such as quality, ethical concern, and service delivery that concern you the most; based on the areas of concern you identified, discuss how you would address the concerns; include how your faith might assist you in problem-solving these areas. Use biblical references to support your ideas. In your paper, use the following sections as Level 1 headings: Introduction Fundamentals of Mental Illness Mental Health Services Functions, Delivery, and Descriptors Managed Care Environment Concerns Legal, Ethical, and Quality of Care Issues Integrating Faith Self-Reflection


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