The Evolution of American Civilization through Historical Influences

Students will create a journal response of at least 500 words in length in response to the provided prompt.
As we know, history is alive through the connection between historical events and contemporary events that allow us to recognize, reflect, and apply the opportunities or challenges that arise. The varying culture and characteristics of the many native, migrated, or settlement people that eventually called the United States home also influenced how American civilization evolved and rose to meet challenges.
For this journal, you will discuss the historically influenced evolution of American civilization as follows:
First, you must identify and briefly describe each of the following:
a specific pre-Columbian culture, to include its distinctive tribal attributes,
a specific colonial era settlement, to include their distinct regional characteristics,
a specific early state or city settlement, and
a specific Civil War era state or city.
Then, for each group, give an example of a significant historical event that directly affected them. In light of these events and what you know about each society, what have we, as a society, learned or taken from each of these historical societies that can be clearly seen in our current world?

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