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Aim: The aim of the assignment is to review and analyse best practice media and communication campaigns (PRIA Golden Target winners) and identify the important role played by media in these campaigns. We know these campaigns were successful – that’s why they won their award – but why did they win it? This assignment is intended to provide deep insights into these successful campaigns and to provide a learning experience to underpin the development and planning of your own campaign plan (in this course as assignment 2 and in industry).
From the Golden Target campaign selection on Blackboard (see Assignment 1) review and analyse two award-winning PRIA Golden Target campaigns. Please note: You cannot choose any of the three campaigns we have analysed in class for your assessment (so, this excludes ADF, Eat West and You Are Not Alone).
Compare and contrast the campaigns. The following questions will assist your analysis and review.
• How were different forms of media (and media professionals) used in the communication campaign?
• Can you apply the PESO model to the media in either or both campaign/s?
• Why do you think the campaigns were successful?
• What were the campaign objectives? (and were they expressed as SMART?)
• Did the campaigns achieve their objectives?
• How did they evaluate their success?
• What were the key storytelling and platform strategies?
• Who were the key stakeholder groups or target audiences?
• Other observations about the strengths (or weaknesses) of your chosen campaigns.
1 In addition to reviewing the printed campaign from the BB site, you should also attempt to locate the campaign online (via the agency or organisation website/links) and incorporate observations of this into your review. Further to this, you should tie your observations to ideas and concepts from the text where appropriate. All referencing should use APA style.
Please use the following guidelines in presenting your review:
• Clearly identify the names of the campaigns, the year/s they were awarded the GT, and the name of the agencies/organisations that produced them.
• You can use sub-headings, bullet points if appropriate (but do not overuse).
• You should NOT include images, appendices, or columns.
• You can write in first person if preferred (not compulsory).
• You should use appropriate references that show you have a grasp of key concepts, ideas and theories and can apply these to practice.
These should include text chapters (set in the ECP and discussed in lectures/tutes) but other references should also be used as appropriate using APA style



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