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Teresa for an intake case management session

Teresa is a 77-year-old, Hispanic female who has been referred by her doctor to the Orange Crest Senior Center. You are meeting with Teresa for an intake case management session. Teresa’s presenting problems including isolation and difficulty obtaining regular food/basic needs due to her limited ability to walk and drive. Teresa also mentioned it is hard for her to move around her home because of all her personal belongings and she has difficulty throwing anything away. Teresa also discussed concerns about her limited income though she thought her husband left a significant amount of money when he died. Teresa explained that her children have control of the finances and although they pay her bills, they often tell her when she asks for something, that the money has been spent for the month.

Using this vignette and the assessment form, please find a friend, family member, or colleague who can role-play this scenario with you.  The vignette includes some brief information to consider. You can also add to this vignette as you see fit for the assignment or use one of the clients from your practicum or work. Please consider what you have learned about how to engage a client and complete an assessment.  As the Social Worker, you will want to ask the client questions and not provide them the assessment form to complete on their own.  After you have completed the assessment, please ask your role-play partner for feedback about their experience (your strengths and areas for growth). Please consider the following questions for your paper:

What techniques did you use to engage the client?What assessment strategies did you use in your roleplay (what specific questions did you ask)?What feedback did your partner provide about this experience (your strengths and areas for growth?

For this assignment, you will submit the completed assessment form, mental status exam form, and a one-page paper with your responses to the above questions.

The paper should be approximately 1-2 pages and include high-quality writing. Please include a title page and double-check all spelling and grammar before submitting. Also, please make sure to cite all relevant information and include references as appropriate.

Please use one of the following assessment forms. You can type in the Word document or print out the PDF form and write your responses. I will attach after the job is accepted.


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