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Task 2.2 Why is it windy?

In clarifying professional terms and concepts, you have looked at the definitions for pressure and wind. Now the concepts must be put into context.

Use YouTubeand internet as necessary.

Task 1

Explain what creates the pressure on the earth’s surface? And discuss what happens to the pressure when you go up a mountain? (use the figure to argue from)

Answer: (min. 3 and max. 5 lines)


Assignment 2

Start by filling out the form


Does the air move upwards or downwards

Write whether it is thermal or dynamic pressure and why.

900 N



600 N



300 N






300 S



600 S



900 S



Now you have to account for the global distribution of pressure and win from the figure below.

First watch these videos on the Coriolis effect (3.13 min.) and on pressure and wind (4.10 min.)

It is important to have a good outline when explaining such a complex system.

a. Describe the pressure distribution from the ITK and towards the poles, and explain why there is precisely high or low pressure at that location.

b. State which pressures are thermal pressures

c. Now you must use the fact that the winds blow in different directions around the pressures on northern and southern hemisphere, and describe the general wind directions on earth. This is where we get the explanation for why it is often a westerly wind in Denmark.

The global pressure and wind system

(NOTE! The northern part of the earth slopes slightly towards you in the figure, i.e. 90 degrees N is at the high pressure at the North Pole). N= north and S = south

Signature explanation:

H= high pressure L=low pressure The arrows show wind direction

Answer : then write my 10 and max 20 lines.)


Task 3

When we see a weather forecast, we see maps with isobars (lines where the pressure is the same). When the lines are close to each other, it is very windy, and there is only a little wind if they are far apart.

Here on the map, there are wind arrows drawn on it, but you already know which way the wind blows around the pressures.

A random weather map

Now you have to make a weather forecast for Denmark, based on the map below

Signature: The white lines are isobars, i.e. Where the pressure is the same as the number on the line.

A. First you need to find out if the two circles are high or low pressure. You do this by finding out whether the pressure is lowest in the middle = low pressure or highest in the middle = high pressure.

B. Denmark lies between the two distinct pressures, look at the numbers on the isobars and indicate whether you think there is high or low pressure in Denmark.

Answer: (Min. 2 max. 6 lines. Feel free to insert a picture with wind arrows and print)




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