Students will review the case study of Izzie and write an approximately eight-pa

Students will review the case study of Izzie and write an approximately eight-page paper that addresses each of the questions below. Students will organize the paper using the headings as follows: 
The Title of Your Paper (Provide an introductory statement)  
Information to Be Gathered  
The Role of the Client/Family 
Importance of Diversity and Intersectionality  
Equity and Inclusion  
Anti-Racist and Anti-Oppressive Approaches  
Personal Biases and Values  
Application of Critical Reflection, Self-Awareness, and Self-Regulation  
The Client/Family Perception 
Demonstration of Cultural Humility 
The Title of Your Paper [10 points] 
Briefly provide an introductory statement, describe the topic and the purpose of your paper. 
Engagement (S) [90 points] 
1) If you were the social worker for Izzie and her family, what information would you find important to understand as you engage in the helping process? Make sure to address the role Izzie and her family can play for you as you try to understand their own lived experiences. 
2) How do the concepts learned in this course relate to the importance of diversity and intersectionality in shaping human experiences?  How has this course helped you to understand Izzie and her family’s experiences in relation to equity and inclusion?  
3) Identify specific anti-racist and anti-oppressive approaches that social workers should utilize at micro, mezzo and macro levels in assisting people like Izzie and her family who are vulnerable to racism and oppression.  
Reflection (C&A) [60 points] 
1) Reflect on relevant personal biases and values that align with and conflict with aspects of the case study. Describe the ways you would apply critical reflection, self-awareness and self-regulation to manage the influence of these personal biases and values.  
2) Reflect on your own identities and consider how the family might perceive you in relation to aspects of power and privilege. How do you plan to engage with Izzie and her family by demonstrating cultural humility? 
Conclude your paper with a reflection of what you learned from completing this paper. 
Preparation and Professional Writing [40 points] 
This eight-page paper requires a minimum of three scholarly published sources (e.g., the case study, course text, and a peer-reviewed journal article). An abstract is not required. Scholarly, professional writing in the School of Social Work requires the accurate use of the most recent APA edition.  
Review the grading rubric for the assignment to understand all components required for the assignment prior to beginning the paper.