Strategic Staffing Handbook for Cheesecakes with a Twist Introduction to Cheesecakes with a Twist: A Strategic Staffing Handbook Legal Aspects of Staffing: Laws and Regulations for Recruiting and Selection in Different Levels of the Organization

Company Name: Cheesecakes with a twist
Started in November 2020
Location: Mesquite Texas
Brief Background: At Cheesecakes with A Twist, we believe in more than just delivering delicious desserts; we create an experience that embodies the essence of family, passion, flavor, and pure magic. We aim to serve you with the tiniest mouthwatering cheesecakes crafted most of which are made without flour and eggs.
Each cheesecake that leaves our kitchen symbolizes our commitment to quality and your satisfaction. We take pride in using only fresh, natural, and organic ingredients. From our homemade Whipped cream to the meticulous crafting of each dessert, we leave no detail unattended. Every bite of our cheesecakes is infused with the taste of handcrafted love.
The objective of this Individual Course Project is to create an original Strategic Staffing Handbook that contains many of the vital tools used in the staffing process. This manual should be written with management in mind as the audience. Although the Human Resources department will “own” the handbook, it will be shared with hiring managers to assist them with understanding the company’s philosophy, methodology, and practice on staffing. As an academic process note, Turnitin reports will be monitored, and no more than 20% of your paper should be quoted or borrowed from outside sources. APA Style 7th Edition should be used to format and cite your work.
This portion of the course project Staffing Handbook includes the following sections.  
Company Background
Definition of Strategic Staffing
Job Analysis
Legal Aspects of Staffing
Your handbook must be completed to this point for the draft and should be approximately 3 to 4 full pages.
Guidelines and Milestones
You are the new Human Resources Business Partner at a medium-sized organization and it is your job to create an original (not copied from the text or other sources) handbook with many of the tools needed in the strategic staffing process. The body of the project should develop the following staffing tools. Organize your paper through the use of headings, which correspond to the following topics and tools:
Provide a brief background of your organization (you can use a real one or a fictitious one.) Introduce the company to which the strategic staffing handbook applies. Talk about details such as the number of employees, years in business, strategic focus, mission, the types of positions this company has, and its purpose in the industry. End with a strong thesis statement that sets the stage for the rest of the handbook. In other words, the last one or two sentences of this section should summarize what you plan to talk about in this document.
Define strategic staffing, as it pertains to your organization. (Review Course Objectives 1 and 2 as well as the supporting KSAs).
The transition from the introduction where you discussed the company to talk about what the definition of strategic staffing is, why it’s important to staff strategically, and how you will go about making sure that strategic staffing happens in your company. You will cite ideas you use to help you develop the definition of strategic staffing. Explain how staffing structure, policies, practices, procedures, information systems, budgets, and legal reporting requirements can be implemented as an integrated staffing management system to help organizations meet their strategic goals. At the end of the section, you need to transition into the job analysis section, where you discuss the importance of having a job analysis in place to effectively staff the organization.
Job Analysis (Review Course Objective 4 as well as the supporting KSAs). Identify the components of a complete job analysis (job content, requirements, competencies, compensation) and explain how the different parts of an integrated staffing management system contribute to each component. Explain how your organization will perform job analysis (i.e. method, timing, and who). If it will be accomplished differently at different levels of the organization, be sure to explain that difference.
Legal Aspects of Staffing. (Review Course Objective 3 as well as the supporting KSAs). Given the possible vulnerabilities in today’s litigious environment, identify and describe the laws and regulations that affect the recruiting and selection process. (Include at least 3 laws/regulations that pertain to recruiting or selection, and explain their pertinence to your company’s strategy on staffing, in plain language, geared to your middle managers and hiring managers).
List any sources (in APA format) you used in
your Handbook for material you did not write, including material from the
textbook, the Internet, or any other source.
As a reminder, no more than 20% of the content above in your Handbook
can be borrowed. The rest must be written by you.
Any References listed below MUST also be cited
within the text above (within your Handbook) with quotation marks and the
source noted and vice versa. (In other words, you must have any sources noted
in your Handbook included here and any sources noted here must be cited in-text
in the Handbook as well.)
Remove these instructions from this section
after you have completed your References list.

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