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Standardized testing





Standardized testing involves using testing instruments that are administered and scored in a pre-established standard or consistent manner. There are two types of standardized testing instruments: norm-referenced tests and criterion-referenced tests. The former testing instruments yield scores that compare the examinee’s scores to that of a representative sample (the normative group) of same-age or grade peers. The latter type of testing instrument involves comparing an examinee’s score to a predetermined criterion (such as a school curriculum).

How do you calculate mean, median, mode, and standard deviation?
What are percentile ranks, standard deviations, z scores, T scores, and stanine scores?
How can you improve reliability and validity in testing?
What do results of achievement, aptitude, and diagnostic tests tell teachers?
How would you prepare students (and yourself) for taking standardized tests?
What are the strengths and weaknesses of alternative forms of assessment such as portfolios?

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