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Create a powerpoint presentation based on the pathogen and infectious disease assigned to you. (Chlamydia trachomatis)

Slide 1: Title slide. Include your name, the pathogen, and the infectious disease assigned to you.

Slide 2: Infectious disease overview. What’s the microorganism classification?

Slide 3: Pathophysiology – What’s the pathogen reservoir? Mode of transmission? Portals of entry and exit for the pathogen? What are the risk factors for infectious disease?

Slide 4: What’s the pathogen’s mechanism for evasion?

Slide 5: What are the disease symptoms?

Slide 6: What tests are conducted for disease diagnosis? What are the stages of the disease?

Slide 7: What are possible long term effects of the disease? What’s the medical treatment?

Slide 8: What are the populations at risk? Disease mortality and prevalence?

Slide 9: Infection control and prevention? Are vaccines available to prevent or treat the disease?

Slide 10: References

Use at least three references and cite them at the end of the presentation



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