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Simply writing a reply to the questions does not guarantee points. You are expected to make thoughtful, informed posts to the questions. A sentence or two is NOT sufficient.  You need a well-thought out post of 300-500 words. Think of these as essays where you must develop complete answers with details, examples, and analysis. Proofread before submitting—do NOT have grammatical, punctuation, or other errors in your post.  The instructor also wishes to see students responding to the posts of others—as in a class discussion.  Submissions will NOT be graded or given credit if they are more than a week late. Late submissions will be subject to a one letter grade penalty. These should be based on our course materials (as well as your own analysis). While you may use things you know, do NOT use outside sources for this assignment. Please refer to discussion board rubric.

Discussion Board Prompt:

Which was the more important/significant development for mankind, the Phoenician Alphabet or monotheism? Be sure to think in terms of both short term and long term impact as well as historical implications. Also, remember that something need not be positive or beneficial in order to be significant. Explain your answer fully. Be sure to keep your discussion historical rather than theological. This must be based only on our course materials and your own analysis. It must contain information from our course materials.



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