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Instructions: Please read the following scenario carefully and answer the questions that follow. Prepare a 10-minute presentation summarizing your analysis and proposed solutions. Your answers should be well-organized, concise, and demonstrate your analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities related to procurement process and system and knowledge of the techniques used in work measurement and procedures analysis.

Scenario: You have been hired as a Systems Analyst by a government organization that frequently engages in procurement activities. The organization currently utilizes an electronic tendering system to post and manage procurement opportunities. However, they have received feedback from various stakeholders indicating inefficiencies and challenges with the current system. Your task is to analyze the existing procurement tendering process, identify the issues with the current system, and propose improvements to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the procurement process.

For the purpose of this assignment, you may choose a public tendering system to base your analysis on. Some examples of public tendering systems, and you can choose other tendering system.

MERX:                CanadaBuys:                          

Ontario Tenders Portal: host/public/web/login.html

CivicInfo BC:      


1.      List out the steps you would take to conduct the analysis of the current procurement tendering process and system.

2.      Conduct an analysis using the chosen electronic tendering system. Identify key pain points/challenges and areas that require improvement.

3.      Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of using the chosen electronic procurement tendering system compared to other key procurement tendering systems.

4.      Propose specific solutions to address the challenges identified in question 1. Your solutions should focus on improving the efficiency, transparency, and user experience of the procurement process.

5.      Describe the potential impact of implementing your proposed solutions on the organization’s procurement operations, including cost savings, time efficiency, and stakeholder satisfaction.

6.      Outline a project plan for implementing your proposed solutions, including key milestones, resources required, and potential risks.


1.      Provide the answers to the questions above

2.      Prepare a presentation (PowerPoint format) based on the answers to the questions given above

3.      Your presentation should be submitted in PowerPoint format



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