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Sales and operations planning

dear sir,

this subject is Sales and operations planning.

Please read carefully the remarks below:

The assignment question is linked with a case study that we participated in the class (Cranfield currency company CCC). First you need to understand the period 3 in order to be able to answer the assignment question which is linked. The period 3 attachment is uploaded under the name CCC case period 3 . (in case you need P1 & P2 for more understanding I will upload it separately under the name CCC case period 1 & CCC case period 2)

For the assignment question I have attached it under file (assignment question), Second I have attached the case study which is Ling & Goddard_1988_Chptr 2_S&OP_Pre-requisites(1).pdf and 3rd I have attached the training material S&OP session 1-2 which will help on having better understanding on the 6 pre requisites starting from page 49 but ensure this is not copied to avoid plagiarism, in case it was copied shall be referred, moreover from the question only 5 pre requisites are required except #1 Understand S&OP Establishing Key Principles is not required.

from the 5 pre requisites from each of them it should show what is missing from and what are the implication of weakness from the both case studies(CCC case study from the lecture and from ling & goddard case study).

Moreover I have put explanation under (comment) from the attached assignment question for clarity.


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