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Guided reading is one strategy used in a balanced literacy program that allows the teacher to work with each child in small, flexible groups at their level. As you likely noted while reviewing the Learning Resources and the VFE, teachers use guided reading differently based on their own styles and the strengths and needs of the children. Understanding the goals of guided-reading strategies and recognizing ways of increasing effectiveness leads to better instruction for you as a teacher of literacy. Review the Week 2 Learning Resources and the Virtual Field ExperienceTM video. Focus on the small-group guided reading section of the video. Reflect upon what you saw in the video. Think about what the teachers do well and how they can improve. Post an analysis of the following points: Share at least one positive aspect of the teacher’s approach to guided reading considering the principals of effective teaching from Chapter 1 of the course text, “Becoming an Effective Literacy Teacher.” Suggest at least one improvement the teacher could make in this segment to better address student needs. Describe a segment from the Virtual Field ExperienceTM that meets one of the topics in this week’s readings. Use time codes to note the start and end time of the segment you choose. Explain what you learned from a video that was in a language other than English. How might this impact how you teach students who are not proficient in English? Ask questions you have about guided reading as a result of the readings and the Virtual Field ExperienceTM. Include citations from the resources that support your analysis in the post.



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