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Reflective Activity

INT103 Human Development Across the Lifespan T1-2023WEEK 7.5 Reflective Activity – Sydney A

Reflective Activity

Watch the video below to hear Ken Dodge discuss how childhood behaviour predicts adult aggression

Utilising your weekly content and reflective activity video for this week, consider and discuss how the environmental factors of childhood behaviour impact adult aggression.


What is one example from your lived/living experience of Ken Dodge’s 6 step social information processing model of aggressive behaviour? (100 words)

Identify and apply the six key steps in application to your example. (50 words)

Please watch the video and revise this week’s content in relation to ken dodge’s 6 step social information processing model of aggressive behaviour.

These questions are provided to help you keep on track with your learning for this week. It is highly recommended that you respond to the reflective activity questions as these questions contribute towards 20% of your overall grade.


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