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Document: ASSESSMENT 1 SITXCCS008 Develop and manage quality customer service practices
RTO # 41380 | CRICOS # 03632K |Version: 1.1 | Page
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ASSESSMENT 1 – Questioning

This cover sheet is to be completed by the assessor and used as a record of student competency in this assessment task.

Student Name:

Student ID No:

Unit Code:

Unit Title:
Develop and manage quality customer service practices

Date of Assessment:

Student Declaration I declare that:

These tasks are my own work, and none of this
work has been completed by any other person.
These tasks are not plagiarised or colluded with
any other student/s.
I have correctly referenced all resources and
reference texts throughout these assessment

I have read and understood the policy on
Plagiarism, cheating and collusion and understand
that if I am found to be in breach of this policy,
disciplinary action may be taken against me.
I have a copy of my assessment work with me,
which I can produce if the original is lost.

Student name: _______________________________________ Signature: _______________________________
Date: ____/_____/_____

Assessment Criteria
If Not Satisfactory,
please comment

Principles of quality customer service.
Yes No

Specific industry sector:
Professional service standards for service industry personnel.
Attitudes and attributes expected by the service industries to work with

Yes No

Roles and responsibilities of management, supervisors and operational
personnel in providing quality service.

Yes No

Sources of information on current service trends and changes that affect
service delivery.

Yes No

Internal and external environmental changes and their effect on planning for
quality customer service:
Changes in the competitive environment
Economic climate
Introduction of new technologies or equipment
Management changes and organisational restructures
Recruitment practices
Trends in customer service preferences
Yes No

Methods of formal and informal customer research:
Analysis of competitive environment and industry service trends
Customer service surveys
Customer focus groups
Qualitative or quantitative research
Seeking feedback from service delivery colleagues
Yes No

Document: ASSESSMENT 1 SITXCCS008 Develop and manage quality customer service practices
RTO # 41380 | CRICOS # 03632K |Version: 1.1 | Page
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Questioning customers

Methods of implementing quality service provision:
Developing, implementing and monitoring customer service policies and
Involving staff in the development of customer service practices
Evaluating staff and customer feedback

Methods of assessing the effectiveness of customer service practices:
Examining overall business performance
Monitoring the ongoing effectiveness of:
Staff in meeting customer service standards
Policies and procedures in explaining practices
Reviewing numbers and nature of:
Responses of customers
Reviewing customer satisfaction survey statistics
Yes No

Methods of obtaining feedback from customers:
Customer service discussions with employees during the course of each
business day
Discussions with customers
Formal customer interviews
Regular staff meetings that involve service discussions
Seeking staff suggestions for content of customer service policies and
Surveys of internal customers, external customers and staff
Improvements suggested by:
Customers involved in complaints or disputes
Staff, supervisors and managers
Yes No

Industry schemes, accreditation schemes and codes of conduct aimed at
improving customer service

Yes No

Areas where organisational policies and procedures assist in ensuring quality
customer service:
Acknowledging and greeting customers
Complaint and dispute management
Authority for different level personnel to resolve complaints, disputes,
service issues and customer compensation
Loyalty programs
Presentation standards for customer environment and customer service
Pricing and service guarantees
Product quality
Refunds and cancellation fees
Response times
Staff training for:
Customer service
Technical skills
Yes No

Document: ASSESSMENT 1 SITXCCS008 Develop and manage quality customer service practices
RTO # 41380 | CRICOS # 03632K |Version: 1.1 | Page
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Objectives, components and comprehensive details of consumer protection
laws that relate to customer service, and the business’ responsibility for:
Nominating and charging cancellation fees
Providing information on potential price increases
Providing refunds
Supplying products as described or substituting suitable products when
Formats for and content of policies and procedures
Yes No

Satisfactory Not Yet Satisfactory
(Please tick the assessment result for this task)

If Not Yet Satisfactory – Please identify the re-assessment

Comments/ Feedback (If the student is deemed Not Satisfactory the Assessor MUST state the circumstances and
reasons why this judgment has been made):

Assessor Declaration:
I declare that I have conducted a fair, valid, reliable, and flexible assessment with this student, and I have provided
appropriate feedback.
Assessor Name: ___________________________________ Signature: ________________________________
Date: ____/_____/_____

Document: ASSESSMENT 1 SITXCCS008 Develop and manage quality customer service practices
RTO # 41380 | CRICOS # 03632K |Version: 1.1 | Page
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Assessment Guidelines for Student:
Conditions of assessment
This assessment requires you to answer all the listed questions in your own words.
This assessment will be conducted in Glen Institute’s classroom.
On completion, submit the knowledge test to your assessor.
You are required to complete this assessment in 2 hours.
You are required to answer all the questions that are outlined in this Assessment and submit your
evidence to your Assessor so that you can be graded as either
S – Satisfactory or NS – Not Satisfactory
for this assessment. Your Assessor will provide you with feedback.
Only when all your answers have been assessed as satisfactory will you be deemed S – Satisfactory for
this assessment.
If the evidence is graded as NS – Not Satisfactory you will be required to re-submit the evidence. In this
case you will be provided with clear and constructive feedback based on the assessment decision so
that you can improve your skills / knowledge prior to reassessment.
If you require an allowable adjustment to this assessment procedure you should discuss this with your
If you are dissatisfied with an assessment decision you should make an appeal to Glen Institute in
writing no longer than 10 days following advice of the assessment decision.
Context of and specific resources for assessment
During the assessment tasks, you will be provided with:
Printed copy of the written assessment.
Your assessor will be assessing you on the criteria listed in the Assessment cover
Evidence to be provided by the student for this assessment:
Printed copy of responses to all the questions.
Document: ASSESSMENT 1 SITXCCS008 Develop and manage quality customer service practices
RTO # 41380 | CRICOS # 03632K |Version: 1.1 | Page
5 of 7
ASSESSMENT 1 – Questioning
Answer the following questions
1. Explain how informal and formal research can be used to develop quality customer service. Provide an
example for each research method.
2. Why is it important to have an understanding of your competition in order to plan for quality customer
3. When developing market knowledge, it is essential to have an awareness of how the market is divided.
Explain each of the following segments of the market. Provide examples of how each segment can
influence customer choices and trends.

Demographic segmentation
Geographic segmentation
Psychographic segmentation
Behavioural segmentation

4. Why is it crucial for a manager to have in-depth knowledge of internal and external business
environments to provide quality customer service? Provide 2 examples each, for internal and external
5. Identify three ways you can obtain information about current trends in your industry.
6. Explain businesses’ responsibilities under Consumer Protection Law and how it impacts on customer
service delivery.
7. Explain why it is important to have a clear refund and cancellation policy and what is required if there
are potential price increases.
8. Describe the importance of providing accurate product information to customers in order to provide
quality customer service.
9. In order to provide quality customer service, it is important to establish your target market. Provide 4
questions you should consider when developing a clear customer profile.
10. Why is consistency crucial to providing quality customer service?
11. Describe five common principles of customer service in detail.
12. Suggest three service standards to encourage quality customer service for your specific industry.
13. Describe 3 industry schemes aimed at improving customer service, including 1 relevant to your work

Document: ASSESSMENT 1 SITXCCS008 Develop and manage quality customer service practices
RTO # 41380 | CRICOS # 03632K |Version: 1.1 | Page
6 of 7
14. Define continuous improvement and explain how this process contributes to effective customer service.
15. Explain why it is essential to have an effective complaint handling procedure.
16. If you are faced with an escalating complaint, why is it necessary to involve management?
17. List three ways you can set a positive example for customer service as a manager.
18. Why should specific preferences of regular customers be communicated and shared with all staff?
19. It is necessary for service standards to be communicated to and followed by both new and old staff.
Which policies and procedures can be used to assist in setting standards? Provide 3 examples.
20. List 10 examples of policies and procedures which are commonly used in organisations to set standards
for customer service:
21. How can changes in technology affect the business’ customer service practices?
22. How can management changes and organisational restructures affect the business’ customer service
23. Describe three methods of formal and informal customer research you can implement to determine
your existing level of customer service.
24. You are reviewing feedback received from customers. List 4 aspects you will review and what this would
involve evaluating responses critically.
25. While you are working a shift, you witness an employee get into an argument with a customer regarding
a delay in service. You record the incident and notice that there has recently been an increasing number
of disputes between staff members and customers. What would this indicate to you in terms of
processes in place and processes potentially lacking?
26. In order to improve the quality of customer service delivered by a business, the existing level of service
must be determined. List 4 ways of obtaining customer feedback about your level of service:
27. List 2 things that must occur when a change or improvement needs to be implemented:
28. Why is it important to communicate your policies and procedures to your staff and customers?
29. List 3 common ways to make your policies and procedures readily available to your customers?
30. Answer the following questions in relation to the data report below:
The following data report provides you with a summary of customer surveys that were recently conducted
for the “Coloured Sands Resort”. There were 200 customers who participated in this survey. Each customer
was provided with a questionnaire. The data was analysed and entered in the format below to provide a
summary report.

Document: ASSESSMENT 1 SITXCCS008 Develop and manage quality customer service practices
RTO # 41380 | CRICOS # 03632K |Version: 1.1 | Page
7 of 7
You are required to review the summary, check the accuracy of figures and perform simple calculations to
reflect percentages. Analyse the provided data and identify areas that need further improvement and
actions by answering all questions below.

Room Service


Very Good
service on
arrival is

(58) Buffet is
(52) Lots of
variety of food
(24) Excellent

(74) Good

(74) good access
to the beach
(39) Swimming
pool is nice.

(88) the staff is
(80) Many
activities for all

(66) Very good

(64) good
n of tours

(40) all good
(32) very good

Not Good
(6) Rooms are
too small
(56) Towels
are dirty
staff not able
to help
(46) Rooms
are not very


(4) didn’t like the
beach side




a. Express the responses collected as percentages in each category (very good, good, etc.). Provide
a critical reflection on each department outlining which service aspects and operational factors
you should further investigate to help improve customer satisfaction. (For example, why have
some customers not commented – how could this improved, e.g. by providing incentives; is the
survey specific enough to provide feedback for specific areas?)
b. Suggest a suitable customer service strategy that can be implemented in the department which
you have identified as the major problem area to improve the customer service practice in that
area/department. Who should be involved and what would this require in terms of
participation/involvement and communication?

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