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This is an exam, we need to answer 4 questions out of 7 questions. You must answer all parts of the question if you have selected it. For example answer 1A, 1B, and 1C if you are answering question 1. We need it to be done in one hour using lecture and textbook notes to get the answers. Answers cannot be in point form and examples from the book should be given. Not sure about the number of pages but each question has 10 marks. If you need to use more pages please do so and we will do the payment accordingly. Just make sure everything is answered completely to get the 10 marks for each question.
Please see below for more details:
Question 1: Work issues and employment are very important for women and men.
(a) Discuss the Gatekeeper factor (using two examples) and its influence on employment and advancement. (4 marks)
(b) What is the ‘wage gap’? Suggest a way that it could be lessened. (3 marks)
(c) What is Pay Equity (comparable worth)? Does it differ from ‘equal pay for equal work’?
Explain. (3 marks)
Question 2. Body image disorders and the desire to be thin affect many women and men. This was discussed in a class lecture and in the textbook.
(a) Name and describe four of these disorders. (4 marks)
(b) Discuss the following:
i) How these disorders could affect the lives of women and men (3 marks)
ii) The most common treatment for these disorders (1 mark)
iii) the prognosis (outcomes) of these disorders (2  marks)
Question 3: We have looked at violence against women in class lectures and the textbook.
(a) Discuss inter-partner abuse. Include information on four suggested reasons for the abuse and the consequences for women. (6 marks)
(b) In the lecture about the study I conducted with Dr. Toner, we discussed reasons why women may have taken so long to leave their abusive relationships. Identify and discuss four of these reasons and how they affect women. (4 marks)
Question 4. Discuss the following statements: Males are aggressive. Females are non- aggressive. (10 marks)
Question 5. Empathy was discussed in lecture and in your readings.
(a) Define empathy with two examples. (2 marks)
(b) Discuss the validity of the following statement, with reference to research findings and examples. “Only females are empathic.” (6 marks)
(c) How does altruism differ from empathy? (2 marks)
Question 6. (a) There are different options for couples who decide to live together in a long-term relationship. Describe these options and discuss reasons for choosing the options. (6 marks)  
(b) Mary and John are both in their 50s and both are single, as we have defined ‘single’ in our course. We discussed perceptions held of singles. How are singles perceived by society and by themselves? Are these perceptions influenced by the reasons that individuals have for remaining single? Explain. (4 marks)
Question 7. As we discussed, cardiac health is very important for both women and men.      
(a) Discuss gender similarities and differences in occurrences, diagnoses, treatment, and mortality. (8 marks)
(b)  Your friend is very concerned about their cardiac health. What advice would you give them to approve their cardiac health? (2 marks



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