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Please open this document in Microsoft Word and respond directly in this document without modification of the text in bold.  This way the answer will be in the same place and in the same format for every student.

You will submit this Word file in Canvas.  If you have any trouble, reach out to your instructor in a timely manner.

Question 1 – During the height of the Covid pandemic, McDonalds like all other restaurant chains suffered from the combined negative impact of missing customers and supply chain disruptions.  In words, how might each of these separately affect the Demand and Supply diagram. What is the overall impact on the market for McDonalds?  Next, graphically depict the combined effect of the two, make a copy of the image, and insert at the bottom of the answer.  If you need help, with photographing and inserting an image, reach out to your instructor or classmate.

Demand Curve Impact

Supply Curve Impact

Insert Graph Immediately Below

Question 2 – How might McDonalds adapt its business model to make it less sensitive to a similar shock in the future?  Provide a brief executive summary of your suggestion. Do not quote directly from any source including ChatGPT.  Rely on your own reasoning.   Limit 300 words



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