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Quantitative Easing, Inflation, and the Value of the U.S. Dollar

Reread the Country Focus “Quantitative Easing, Inflation, and the Value of the U.S. Dollar” in Chapter 10 and address these two questions:

What does the 2010 purchase by the Federal Reserve of $600 billion in U.S. government bonds tell you about U.S. fiscal policy? What was the Federal Reserve trying to accomplish?
Why did the Federal Reserve receive so much criticism for its policy of quantitative easing? Do you agree with the critics? Was the policy simply mercantilism in disguise?

How would you describe the strategic positioning of Red Bull? Can you think of any other company that has followed a similar strategy?
Discuss the marketing strategy used by Red Bull. How has its association with extreme sports events made it easier for it to create a global product and global image?

Why did GM enter into a joint venture with SAIC when the company decided to begin operations in China? Do you think GM could have been successful on its own?
How has the relationship between GM and SAIC developed over time? Would you said this is a successful joint venture?


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